Survey Responses Needed

Hello, wine enthusiasts! My name is Arianna, and I’m a student at Purdue University Northwest studying User Experience Design (UX). As part of my senior design project at Purdue University Northwest, I’m working on improving online wine-purchasing experiences for wine lovers like you.

I am conducting an academic study to assess users’ needs and motivations within commercial wine club apps by learning about consumer behavior and preferences, particularly those that improve the user experience. I am not affiliated with any corporation or entity that produces, distributes, or retails wine in any way.

I invite you to complete a brief survey about your experiences buying wine through online websites. The survey contains eight questions and should take only a few minutes to complete. All responses are completely anonymous, and all responses and results of the surveys will not be shared with anyone.

The survey can be accessed at the following link:

Please complete the survey by February 20, 2023.

Thank you for your participation!


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