I tried gin for the first time, and it was one most horrible liquids i ever drank

I´m used to drinking strong alcohol, and not particularly high quality. Actually my go to is straight 51 cachaça which is not known for it´s soft flavour but today at the bar i was gin was the cheapest so that´s what i drank.

No shit the thing smelled like fucking perfume, it smelled so strange i actually burst out laughing just at the thought of drinking it, my buddy had a sip and it was so bad he actually asked for the bottle to check if it was ok, upon returning he told me he wasn´t going to drink it (for the first time ever) but i insisted we really had to so we just swallowed the whole glass (it was not a shot, it was an actual glass), it was incredibly bad, it honestly legitimately tasted and smelled like perfume, the barman probably knew it sucked because out of compassion he even brought us a free bowl of peanuts.

It was also particularly strong and fast acting because i usually don´t get drunk from that amount of alcohol, but this time it got me pretty tipsy pretty damn fast, tbh im not sure if it was real gin or maybe they just poured perfume on a gin bottle or something but i wouldnt know since i never had gin before, is that how its supposed to smell and taste like?

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