puffy face?

i’m a 5’4 girl that weighs 116lbs & i recently noticed that my face and fingers get a lot puffier after i drink & it lasts for a while. i usually never drink, but i’ve been going out a lot more since last month and whenever i go out i drink a couple shots of vodka or tequila—ranges from like 3 to 11 shots. so i’d drink like that 2x-3x a week for the past month or so. last night i noticed that i woke up with a significantly more puffy face & this time my lips were also really puffy and dry (which has never happened before). i’ve been working out & drinking lots of water but the puffiness of my face has not changed—my friend even said that it looks like i gained weight but i weighed myself & i literally lost weight.. i’m now officially abstaining from drinking but i’m just curious to know when the puffiness will go away & my face will go back to normal lol

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