I can’t get drunk.

Preface: I drink maybe 3-4 times a year. Rarely do I drink. I go months at a time without a drop.

I’m a 22 year old college student. I was not the party type in high school. I had a ton of friends, but was in three sports year round so no time to go out and drink. I started drinking in college my freshman year as everyone does around that time. First time I got drunk I was heavily intoxicated. Since then though, I can never surpass a buzz. For example, I had around 11 drinks on my 21st and was very much coherent. You could not tell I was drinking.

Anyway, last night halloween I go out with some friends and I have 3 shots, a Moscow mule and a glass of whiskey. And I felt nothing. Literally nothing like I had nothing in my system. To the point where it was almost concerning. Heres the real kicker. I’m 6 feet tall 160 lbs. I would be a light weight in the eyes of many.

Anyway, any one else have this “immunity” to alcohol.

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