MBTI Personality Types and Drug Preferences [Poll]

Hey guys!

Out of curiosity I am doing a poll on the drug preferences of the different MBTI personality types. I couldn’t really find a proper poll or study on this topic with numbers so I’m doing it myself. This poll doesn’t take much time so I would be happy if you would answer it 😉 This poll is just supposed to be a fun little project of mine. Dont take it to seriously 😉

You can participate, if you think this poll would yield interesting results, you know your MBTI-Type and you have experience with different substances.

In case that I actually get enough data to make a propper graph/table/etc. I will post it on r/mbti and update it, if needed.

The poll will be anonymous and I will be the only person that will be reviewing the answers.

Link to the poll:

NOTE: I am not promoting the use of illegal substances. This poll and it’s results are for scientific pourposes only!!! And yes I do know that MBTI is not 100% scientific but so is this poll.

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