Never Tipsy, Only Drunk

This is something i noticed recently while talking to my friend, and I wanted to find out if anyone else experiences alcohol the way i do i suppose.

I decided recently to pretty much stop drinking/only drink little amounts, and i explained it to my friend saying that i dont like loosing control, not being able to walk straight etc. That’s when she mentioned how she agrees, but she drinks to simply get a little bit tipsy, more open, sociable.

And i was quite confused. Of course, when i drink, I get more open and confident, but not how she described it. I seem to skip this tipsy stage entirely and just go from sober to what others would define as drunk (and i thought was tipsy all this time).

For reference, I’m 20yo and female, 5’3 ish and 125 lbs. I will only start feeling the effects of alcohol after 1 1/2 bottles of wine, but by then i act like i drank that much wine too.

So, does anyone experience this too? Any tips on how to be tipsy for me? I’d like to at least experience that stage of drunkness once, even if i wanna stick with drinking less!

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