Best police-grade breathalyzer device?

I am a 26-year-old well-experienced drinker and definitely know my limits. I never drive after drinking. However, I came across an unsettling article recently regarding how long alcohol can stay in one’s bloodstream into the next day, even if we can no longer feel or recognize the effects. This has caused me to become extremely worried about driving even 10-15+ hours after consuming alcohol (even just a few drinks or less).

I know I am very much likely overthinking this as I have drank responsibly for years and left for work the next morning without ever having an issue, but I would really like to have a reliable device that can accurately measure my BAC so that my mind can be more at ease, I can find some anxiety relief and know I am being totally safe. So I am just requesting anyone’s opinion regarding breathalyzers they’ve tried and liked or didn’t like. (For reference, my dad experienced a DUI a few years ago and that has contributed to this concern).

The best one I could find online is this one

But even it has mixed reviews. I don’t want to spend over $100 on something unless I know it’s reliable so that’s why I made this post! thanks in advance! I do appreciate it.

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