Alcohol makes me sleepwalk

Last night I had a 4 pack, went to bed, and I just got word that I apparently went into my mother and her partners room to turn on their light and stare at them for a good 5 minutes before leaving and I have no recollection of this happening??

This has happened in the past twice, the first time it happened it was after coming back from town with a few friends, definitely way more drunk than last night, and once I came back I fell asleep on the couch, and I apparently was caught waking up and just walking out the front door at about 1am, left for about 5 mins, then came back, walked aimlessly around the house, then went back to bed, this all happened while my mum was in the kitchen, again no memory of this happening

The second incident I actually became aware of it while it was happening and it was god damn terrifying, had a bottle of wine with my sister, went to bed, then just woke up OUTSIDE of my apartment? I remember thinking in my head that it’s morning and I should be getting to college, only to look around and realize I’m in my pyjamas and it’s nighttime, I damn near almost locked myself out of my apartment but luckily enough I didn’t close the door fully on my way out.

Does anyone else have similar experiences? The first time I was pretty drunk and it freaked me out a little, but the other times I had just about reached tipsy and this STILL happens

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