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So I have 2 weeks sober but once I quit drinking I started having really bad pain in my right side, around the bottom of my ribs. It doesn’t really hurt to push on the area but feels inflamed and feels sort of like sunburn to touch the area around it. I’ve had irritable bowl syndrome and this doesn’t feel like it. So my PCP does blood work a week ago and says well your glucose is 103 and creatinine is 1.44. They didn’t mention my lipase is 103. I’ve been telling this woman (in better words) about this pain for the past two weeks. At first she said my blood results for my liver were fine for just finishing detox and said that she could order me an ultra sound if I needed it. I gave it the weekend to see how I felt. I’ve been feeling extremely tired. I wrote her Sunday evening and again yesterday. She finally gets back to me this morning and says it would take “many days” for ultra sound results to get back and I would be better off going to the ER. Now how/ why would it take “many days” and what is up with the resistance? Just strange. I’ve just never felt a pain like this before. I relapsed and was drinking 15 beers a day for a week or two until I switched over to using straight benzos. I have been drinking since I was 10. When I was 16 I started drinking a case of beer occasionally until it became a full blown problem and 9 years ago started getting some help. I’ve had various amounts of sobriety but I very time I relapse I go straight to 12-15 beers a day.

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