Strange delayed hangovers, concerned

So this has been happening for a few years now, I’m a 34m. I drank more in my 20’s, mostly on the weekends, and not so much that I would have ever considered myself an alcoholic. I can get normal hangovers, even 2 day ones which I read are normal at my age. I’ve really drank less the last 4 years, pretty much never drinking during the work week, and limiting my drinking on the weekends, rarely getting drunk as a little history about me.

I’ve noticed some really odd symptoms that seem abnormal to me. I get these delayed symptoms that hit 2 days later. The best way I can describe it is flu like symptoms, and generally feeling like shit. It doesn’t feel like a normal hangover to me. Even if I drink a moderate amount, drink water, get sleep etc. , I may feel fine the next day and be productive, however the following day, 36hr later this sickly feeling hits.

Today is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Friday night I had only 2 12oz beers after work, and Saturday night I had only 1 12oz beer with a little Saki at the sushi restaurant. I would consider this in non-hangover territory. I felt completely fine Sunday, I went on a hike, no hangover whatsoever. Today (Monday) I get this sickly feeling again after feeling totally normal yesterday. I’m kinda concerned at this point

Now I know some answers will be to stop drinking or take a break. I completely agree and I am going to take a break. However I’m wondering if I have something else going on with my strange symptoms. Poor liver function? Withdrawal? Alcohol intolerance? Anyone have any insight? I’m considering seeing a doctor

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