Does drinking every night in a row for an entire week mean anything?

I’m still somewhat new to drinking and have only ever had my first drink at the beginning of this year (2022). Lately I’ve found myself drinking more often, however the past I’ve gotten drunk every single night. It’s mainly just to feel good and relax after I’m done with classes/homework each day, and it is not interrupting my life. If I had something to do on a night, then I wouldn’t drink nor do I feel like I need to drink to feel good or happy. I just like to because it makes my nights better and I know I have nothing else to do for the rest of the day. Should I be worried? For context, I don’t get super drunk or anything. I have around 5 seltzers or twisted teas, I just get drunk for around two hours then head to bed. Should I be concerned about myself? Is this okay to continue doing? I obviously don’t want to become dependent or develop an addiction.

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