Are alcoholic beverages in the us… sweeter than anywhere else?

I am French. Through my short experience of the US (2 trips to NY and MIA), and the grasp of the american culture I get from the internet or the americans I meet, I tend to think that americans culturally consume mostly sweet alcoholic drinks. I came to this sub to gather your experiences (whether you are from the US or not).

In the US:

It seems to me that cocktails/ shot is about half of what is ordered

It seems to me that it is near impossible to find a beer without added sugar, even in Kraft beers brands

It seems to me that strong alcoholic beverages (vodka, rhum, whiskey… are always ordered with soda or juice

Cocktails seem to always contain fruit juice or soda

Shots seem to always contain ultra sweet spirits (Get, Bailey’s, Malibu…).

Am I mad or is it true?

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