Review: Buzzbox Tequila Paloma

We reviewed Buzzbox’s Perfect Margarita earlier this year, and today we are trying their Tequila Paloma. I was happy to see that they have changed the shape of the cocktail box so that it no longer resembles a children’s juice box, but it is still eco-friendly and recyclable (including the cap, which is plant-based). There isn’t absolute agreement about the ingredients in a classic Paloma, so it helps that the box lists its contents: tequila along with pink grapefruit and lime juices. Let’s give it a try.

Shaken and sipped out of the box, this cocktail comes on a little too strong with overly sweet flavors of grapefruit juice concentrate followed by some sharp lime citrus and a light alcohol burn that tastes more like vodka than tequila. While still not fantastic, I found the Paloma improved when I poured it over ice. With some dilution, the cocktail shows more balanced flavors of grapefruit juice and a little lime juice. The alcohol is also better hidden, but I would still like to see a bit more tequila character. I wouldn’t mistake the Buzzbox Tequila Paloma for a freshly made cocktail, but it is refreshing enough and enjoyable when poured over ice to merit a place in the sun by a pool.

14% abv.

B / $14 per four-pack of 200 ml boxes /

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