Am I Just “Old” Now?

I’m a 27 year old, almost 28 year old male. Never been a heavy drinker or somebody who drinks to the point of nausea, extreme hangovers, or blacking out. Mostly enjoy it socially and to get a buzz going.

I’m wondering if anyone else has this issue that I’m experiencing from drinking lately… For example, the past two weekends I went out with my girlfriend and a couple of our friends. I had 2 light beers (4.6%) and one cocktail around 3PM.

I stopped there, was not inebriated whatsoever, and had a full dinner with lots of water. I go to bed pretty early to get up to go to the gym and lift weights while the gym is empty, so I was asleep by 9PM.

One day I was wide awake at 11:30PM and the other around 2:15AM. Completely unable to fall back asleep despite taking melatonin, tossing and turning, and trying to sleep on the couch. I’ll even have a light headache or feel “two steps behind” everything I’m doing. Almost like a mild hangover. But I can honestly look back and say the punishment doesn’t fit the crime lol I was not even almost drunk, had plenty of food, time before going to bed, and plenty of water.

The main thing that ruins drinking for me now is the severe loss of sleep. I’m also not a person who can nap easily because I tend to want to save that feeling of tiredness for the next night out of fear I won’t sleep well once again if I sleep during the day.

Anyone else go full blown insomniac after lightly drinking?

Seems so young to have to cut out booze, plus I enjoy craft breweries, but obviously it’s not a bad thing to not drink and my body and mind will thank me haha

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