A Savory Chicago Hot Dog Martini

National Martini Day is coming up June 19, and Bloom Plant Based Kitchen in Chicago has a unique take on the classic: A Chicago Hot Dog Martini. Bloom’s general manager Brett Lander created the cocktail this spring, achieving the signature hot dog flavor with yellow mustard bitters and tomato-infused sweet vermouth, along with cocktail onion, pickle juice and celery bitters.

The cocktail, which uses both gin and vodka, promises to take drinkers right to Wrigley Field for a Friday 1:20 p.m. first pitch. Ironically, Bloom is a vegan establishment, so it’s recently been calling the specialty Martini the Chicago Not Dog. Here’s the recipe.


Chicago Hot Dog Martini

Course Drinks
Keyword gin, pickle juice, sweet vermouth, tomato, vodka


1 oz. Vodka1 oz. Gin½ oz. Pickle juice½ oz. Tomato-infused sweet vermouth2 splashes Yellow mustard bitters2 splashes Orange bittersA sprinkle of Celery bitters


Combine ingredients in a mixing tin and shake.
Strain into a Martini glass.
Garnish with a pickle and cocktail onion.


Brett Lander, general manager at Bloom Plant Based Kitchen in Chicago, created this recipe.

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