How would you describe this drinking behavior?

I can go around 2-3 months without having a single drink at a time, sometimes more like 1 month, but then when I do get back to drinking, I just go on a 7-8 day bender. 10+ drinks each night, feeling amazing, and just partying. Sometimes with others, sometimes alone. I even had one time when I took a break from drinking from 2 months, then went on a road trip with my friend, and we both drank 11 nights straight, probably 8-12 drinks each night each lol.

I just want to know what your personally description of this would be. I don’t have to drink alcohol, nor do I feel particularly drawn to it at all times, but sometimes after a long absence, I feel really drawn to it. I remember how fun it is and what kind of past memories I created with it, so I just overindulge.

Is this alcoholism in a different form? Or is this just binge drinking combined with boredom?

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