Craving urge to have some beer or whiskey every now and then?

I recently quit smoking for good, it really has impacted my lung performance, breathing, sleepless nights, insomnia, you name it. Currently on week 3 since i quit, withdrawal symptoms are past, and i really don’t have a craving desire for a smoke, but i do for a beer. I work a 9-5, do weightlifting, calisthenics, martial arts and cardio so my body’s health is important for me.
How bad is drinking 2-3 beers on a weekend really? I have already gone past my phase of binge drinking and parties, i’ve lost fun in that and it’s meh, i don’t enjoy getting drunk anymore either. In a way i want to be dominic toretto, drink a beer or two every now and then, just enjoy life (fun fact my real name is also dominic).
I can’t tell if i’m like addicted to alcohol or what is it, but gosh do i love a nice cold beer to enjoy, play some guitar or just watch a movie, and this part is breaking me: I’m literally loving to put LEGITIMATE POISION into my body (alcohol), and keep doing it again and again, every 2 weeks i’d have a bad crave, sometimes more often. It’s not like “oh if i don’t drink tomorrow i’ll go crazy”, no, i don’t have alcoholism, i just don’t know what’s going on.
Part of me wants to say “nah i will quit alcohol because i want to be healthy”, while a big part of me says “you know you want that damn beer, enjoy it, nothing to be ashamed of, everyone drinks, lot of athletes do drink too”
What’s your opinion on this, maybe one of you has had similar experience with thoughts like that?

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