Never been hungover/blackout

Just as the title says, I’ve never been hungover or black out off just alcohol. I’ve mixed alcohol with other substances and I’ve gotten blackout, but no matter how much I drink I’ve never been at the point where I can’t remember anything or I’m not conscious and aware of my surroundings. I get super clumsy and super drunk but I always remember it the next day, and can make not shit decisions while drunk. I also have never been hungover, even while mixing alcohol with other substances I’ve never woken up with a headache or super tired or a stomachache or anything. I wake up feeling like I always do. I’ve drank to the point I couldn’t even stand or talk but I was still fully aware and was able to get myself to bed, in pajamas, and make sure I was sleeping on my side near a trash can. Anyone else get this? Anyone know why?

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