I was hungover, and committed 4 hours after waking up, what does this mean?

I was very drunk yesterday but it wasn’t the most I have evet drunk in a session. I felt hungover and ok for3 hours, then all of a sudden after two glasses of milk, pasta and a shitty burger, I felt unbelievably nasuea, don’t know what tirghered it, and I had to vomit. I also had to put my fingers down my throat, as I wanted to get it all out

I am never sick when drinking, once a few months ago but I had a brutal migraine. Now, I am terrified to eat, I don’t understand why this happened?

I don’t think it’s common to vomit with a hangover and I don’t know specifically why this happened. Is it nerves? Is it anxiety?

I just want to move on with my life. I’m now terrified to drink again and thats not fair, it’s not

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