“Lime-a-Ritas” Tastes Like A NYC Cab ca. 1994

I was drinking one the other day and thought some guy with coconut oil hair product rubbed his hands on it. I washed the next one, and realized it was the same. Then, I realized they are all like this, it’s the product.

Then I realized, the flavor of this stuff is NYC cab flavor. You see, it’s not just the little tree air freshener. Not just the coconut oil hair product. But also the smell of the pleather seats, imbued with sweat from 1000 customers, while you’re carsick in July.

But don’t worry, I’ve had worse. In Japan they have these chu-hi drinks. They’re not that bad. But they also have cheaper, nastier versions based on shochu. Cheap shochu. One of them has “grape flavor”. Shochu is like Korean cheap potato whiskey. High class Japanese Shochu pretty much tastes awful, but as an acquired taste, craft Shochu from Kyushu can have value. Cheap 7-11 shochu is the bottom of the barrel. In the 1970s, Japan even invented a non-alcoholic malt drink called “hoppy” to add 1/2 and 1/2 to cheap shochu to mimic beer. It’s not that tasty.

This cheap 7-11 shochu adds grape flavor to enhance the shochu, but the grape actually taste more like whatever flavoring they put in sugar free kids grape bubblegum.

I had a few beers once, and downed one of these grape things and projectile vomited into a river multiple times.

So, nausea nostalgia NYC cabbie Lime-A-Ritas, you’re okay.

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