Idiot country

My country is an idiot country. Because, there are time limits to when you can buy alcohol. But, you can still buy as much as you’d like… no difference between 1 beer and 10 gallons of vodka.

So, if you think about if for one second, it’s really is hilarious. The people who are behind this stroke of a genius is happy in their belief that then done SOMETHING… as the idiot that they are.

The effect to this is NOT to make people drink less. No, the effect is just that become more devious as to how to get the stuff. It also support illegal alcohol, usually imported as it is cheaper than sugar (in this idiot country).

Cheers… and I mean it, the government welfare checks are high enough to afford a lots of alcohol… and the government actually don’t want do to work either, as they are socialist.

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