Review: Black Infusions Dirty Shirley

We previously covered the intense flavored vodkas of Black Infusions. The company also markets one canned cocktail, the Dirty Shirley, which is composed of its cherry flavored vodka, ginger, and lime.

All the promised elements make an appearance here, but it’s the intense cherry notes that dominate, infusing the gently carbonated — and dark brownish-red — drink with a brooding, chocolate-laced quality. The punch of lime juice is strong and never feels inauthentic, while a ginger-driven element perks up the finish, if only slightly. Ultimately the dense, dark cherry character dominates this experience to an almost oppressive degree, and the lime on the finish becomes a bit too pushy midway through the glass. I’d reformulate this with more of a focus on ginger and let the cherry notes play a supporting role.

6.9% abv.

B / $13 per four-pack of 12 oz cans

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