Nicotine and alcohol giving a pretty average hangover.. normal?

Hey all, For context I’m 17F and have been on a two day bender seeing as I had two 18th birthdays in a row (Friday, saturday). Last night, even tho I was a bit hungover I went over to my friend’s and ended up having about 3 or 4 ciders, plus 4 cigarettes. Now, the thing worth noting is that I haven’t smoked in a year and a half. I used to smoke about 5 a day during lockdown, but genuinely had not had any nicotine since the 17th of august 2021. Yesterday however, I had a nice little buzz going and my friend had bought back some nice cigarettes from France so I thought oh why not. Honestly really felt nice whilst I was doing it, but this morning woken up a little worse for wear. Pretty tired, a bit out of it and some brain fog/slight derealization. Also a little nausea. Essentially, I’m taking this is normal but just checking? I will say that I posted to this thread about 2 weeks ago about the absolute KILLER hangover I had (which genuinely lasted about a week till I felt 100%) so this time it isn’t nearly as bad, but still feeling a little queasy.

Slight anxiety this morning as well, but does this just seem like a normal hangover? Could also be the lack of quality sleep I’ve had over the past two days as I’ve been getting home late.


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