Review: Paquera Mezcal Barril

We previously covered one of Paquera‘s three mezcal expressions in 2019. Now we’re back with another look at its 100% Barril agave-based mezcal.

A rather weedy, vegetal mezcal, Paquera’s 100% Barril expression features heavy notes of cooked greenery, turned earth, and underbrush — both on the nose and the palate. There’s a bold sweetness on the tongue — heavy on overripe fruits, some tropical — with all filtered through a considerable amount of smoke. Things become almost saccharine on the too-fruity finish, which feels both candylike and green at the same time. Barril agave appears more complex to work with in mezcal, and sure enough this is just a much less balanced than the Espadin offering. It’s just too wild and scattered for me, but those who appreciate a bolder, more in-your-face style may gravitate to this bottling.

85 proof.

B- / $60

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