Review: La Purisma Fiero Habanero Tequila

Boldly staking its claim as “the spiciest infused tequila in the U.S.,” this is 100% agave blanco tequila blended with fresh (not dried) American habanero peppers that are clearly designed to burn you from the inside out.

Results? Well, mission accomplished. The scorching experience is closer to sipping hot sauce — roasting every part of the tongue and palate — though the distinct agave bite of peppery tequila is actually discernable underneath all the oily, blazing habanero oil. You can catch more of the base tequila on the nose than on the palate, where an earthy, slightly mushroomy quality is clearer. It’s indistinct, but no matter, really — that agave character all but vanishes on the palate, washed away by the essence of pure, unadulterated habanero. The finish isn’t eternal, thankfully, but that warming heat does stick with you for at least a few minutes.

Spicy margaritas and palomas? No reason not to start there. While its tequila cred is, well, impossible to really discern, Fiero is definitely worth a try as a mixer in any cocktail you’d like to turn into a palate-buster — or for use as a dare-based/punishment shot, of course.

80 proof. NOM 1437.


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