KISS Celebrates 50th With Cold Gin Cocktail Special

Iconic rock band KISS celebrated the 50th anniversary of their first-ever concert on Jan. 30, and the Rock & Brews restaurant chain has rolled out an honorary cocktail called It’s Cold Gin Time Again.

Named after the KISS song, the drink highlights the band’s own Cold Gin, along with Fiorente elderflower, lemon juice, simply syrup, blue Curaçao, soda water and muddled blueberries. Once combined and poured into a glass with a black-sugar rim, the colorful drink fades from blue to red to create an ombre effect.

The cocktail, priced at $13.50, is garnished with thyme and cherries, plus a custom KISS guitar pick. Fans of the band can collect the guitar picks, which will feature a different band member for the first four weeks of the cocktail’s availability before being served at random.

Founded in 2010, Rock & Brews is the brainchild of KISS front men Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, entrepreneur Michael Zislis and concert industry veterans Dell and Dave Furano. The restaurant brand currently currently operates 17 units nationwide, including its airport and casino locations.

“With us celebrating the band’s 50th Anniversary, and over a decade of Rock & Brews, we challenged our mix masters to create a cocktail with our very own Cold Gin that would be everything you’d expect from KISS,” said Stanley. “Look at it and taste it. I say, Mission Accomplished!” 


It’s Cold Gin Time Again

Course Drinks
Keyword Blue Curaçao, elderflower liqueur, gin, lemon


2 oz. Kiss Cold Gin½ oz. Fiorente elderflower liqueur½ oz. Lemon juice1 oz. Simple syrup½ oz. Blue CuraçaoSoda water5 Blueberries


Rim a14-oz. highball glass with black sugar, add ice.
In a mixing tin, combine blueberries and lemon juice and muddle hard.
Add gin, simple syrup and elderflower liqueur and shake vigorously.
Strain into rimmed glass.
Top with soda water and blue Curaçao.

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