Brain fog and derealization 2 days after drinking.. normal?

Hey all, For context I’m 17F and two days ago I had a fair bit to drink (12 standard drinks: 3 aperols, 4 martinis) to celebrate my friend’s 18th birthday. Being a lightweight and only weighing 60 odd kg, this has really hit me hard. Yesterday, being day 1 of the hangover I felt the typical physical symptoms, as well as really bad derealization, just completely feeling detached. This morning, I thought I felt better when I woke up but it is now the afternoon and the brain fog is still there to a significant extent. The physical symptoms have dissipated but my anxiety is through the roof and I feel as if I’m in this dream state. It’s worth noting that I have a prexisting anxiety disorder but what worries me is that I have undone all my progress in beating GAD just from one night out.

My sinuses also feel strange and blocked so perhaps I have a virus, but I just want this fog to pass.

Reassurance/advice is greatly appreciated!

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