A question for all my alcohol comrades

Hello everyone, I love alcohol and I’m from Austin, Texas. I started drinking beer when I was 17 and after realizing how much I like getting a buzz on I started drinking spirits shortly after. I would drink alcohol every day. Around my 21st birthday I took one shot of vodka sober while in France, then my throat closed up and my stomach felt like it was on fire and I threw up. Now every time I drink spirits, these symptoms happen. I even feel it when I drink beer now. I am currently 22 years old. Does anyone know a work around this so I can continue to drink?

Side note: Around 19 years old I got alcohol poisoning from whiskey and now every time I drink it, I suffer symptoms mentioned above plus I seem to have an allergic reaction getting hives all over my body. This did not happen before the alcohol poisoning. Anyone else experience this?

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