San Francisco Cocktails Celebrate Mean Girls The Musical

The hit musical Mean Girls is coming to San Francisco, and a few of the city’s bars are ready for high drama with themed cocktails. The Madrigal, for one, will debut the Regina George cocktail, inspired by the leader of The Plastics clique in the 2004 film.

With the Regina George, The Madrigal’s bar manager Mikey McCardle has created a cocktail that he calls “fun, pink and a little mean.” It’s a mix of vodka, prickly pear, vanilla vinegar, lime zest and Filthy Rich’s blend of silver and gold pearlescent sugar crystals flecked with mini edible glitter stars and situated in pink glassware.

As a further homage to Mean Girls The Musical, La Bande at the San Francisco Proper hotel will serve up festive pink cocktails and some vibrant energy. La Bande’s special cocktail menu highlights the Wednesday, a revamp of the Gin Paloma, and Fetch 75, a playful spin on the French 75 with sparkling rosé, each priced at $15.

The three Mean Girls-themed cocktails will be available for the duration of the show’s residency at Golden Gate Theater from Jan. 31 through Feb. 26.

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