Stop asking this sub for advice.

Do your own research, seriously. You wouldn’t ask a stranger on the street for medical advice, doing it over the internet is reaching out to even more strangers that most likely do not have your best interest in mind.

I’ll even help you out with this quick useful guide:

Q: Should I drink if I took this medication? A: No, you should not drink if you are taking that medication.

Q: If I drink x amount, will I be sober by x time? A: If you have responsibilities the next day, don’t drink heavily or at all

Q: I am under the legal drinking age, what should I drink? A: Nothing

Q: This booze has a funky look/smell to it, is it safe to drink? A:Probably, but why risk it? There is no shortage of booze out there

Q: This is my first time drinking, what should I do? A: Start small and find your limits. Don’t drive. Give it about 15 minutes between drinks. Drink some water

Q: I have this mental disorder, is it safe for me to drink A: probably not

This sub isn’t an advice forum on how to get fucked up or for help drinking. Goto r/drunk or r/drugs

Y’all need help

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