Why are some people so bad at controlling themselves after drinking

Idk if it’s because Ive been the designated parental figure for my friends when their fucked up or if its just a tolerance thing, but I swear to God, some people just loose it on alc. I could be blacking out or knocking stuff over and consciously think, “damn Im really fucked up and probably doing dumb stuff right now”. However, lots of people loose that inner voice at a point? They just let the alc take full control? Do all people have the ability to do this and I just prefer to think with logic, or do I just have a crippling alcohol addiction budding? Genuinely confused because I always felt like I had a sober part of me in the back of my head no matter how much I drink (even 15-20 shots in 30 mins type of drunk). I’d love to hear sum insights.

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