The state of this sub, my thoughts

I have been on Reddit for many years mostly lurking in the shadows and I have never felt the need to make a post like this. The amount of low quality and clearly underage posts on this sub have gotten out of hand. I have worked in the alcohol industry for about 8 years now. And have been in alcohol production for almost 5. So I’ve seen first hand what these posts mean. This is not a complaint posting that I am sick of seeing the same childish shit, because I could just unfollow. I am more concerned about not encouraging random kids on the internet to drink. I don’t know the admins of this subreddit, but surely we could figure something out. Alcohol is for adults. Not omg I had 91 beers and I don’t feel drunk shitpost ego stories about how they’re some sort of god for being able to drink a lot.

If you’re not able to respect the substance then you are not mature enough to drink. And this should be an adult space. It’s the same reason I don’t talk to my little sister or her high school friends about alcohol, I’m sure they’ve tried it. But they can’t handle it maturely.

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