Massive sleep disorders after drinking alcohol

Hi there, I’m really new here. Im 19yo and casually drank alcohol on the weekend most often when I went out with friends. For your information: in my country alcohol is legal at the age of 18.

Now to my problem: Over the last two years I more frequently experienced sleep paralysis. It now happens about two to three times per month. But when I drank the night before, so going to sleep drunk, I can now expect to have at least two episodes of sleep paralysis. In addition to that I also get very horrifying nightmares too.

The last time I slept drunk I had more than two hellish nightmares and three sleep paralysis episodes. It was so uncomfortable, I don’t drink much alcohol anymore.

Does anyone have similar experiences? Any help? Just want to get to know what is happening to me.

Edit: I don’t get any of these symptoms on other GABA-ergics like benzos or phenibut.

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