When I feel the alcohol in my legs I know I’m tipsy

30 f. I’ve had this thing ever since I first started drinking at 18 where I would know if I was tipsy or drunk if I could suddenly feel it in my legs. What this means is that my legs start feeling heavy and almost tingly. This happens after 1.5 drinks of wine or whatever I am drinking. I always thought it was some weird innocent quirk of mine. I never met anyone else who experienced this. I was a binge drinker in college. So between the ages of 18-20 I drank 14 drinks in one night, 2x a week. At 22 I drank enough that should have been lethal but wasn’t. But I am like 70% sure that the very first time I ever got drunk, probably only 7 drinks, I felt it in my legs. Now I usually only drink 1-2 drinks on both weekend days. Maybe three times a year I will binge and have 4-7 in a night but it’s so rare. I just googled it and the only thing that comes up is alcohol neuropathy which sounds scary. I only experience this when I am drinking, not sober. And since I feel like this has always just been a reaction of mine with drinking since the beginning I feel like it can’t be nerve damage caused by alcohol. Does anybody else get this?

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