What’s Arby’s Been Smoking?

Nearly a year after the fast food sandwich shop unveiled two French-fry-flavored vodkas, Arby’s is introducing a limited-edition Arby’s Smoked Bourbon. The whiskey, inspired by the chain’s 13-hour Smoked Brisket sandwich and the limited-edition REAL Country-Style Rib sandwich, is smoked with the same real woods used to smoke Arby’s meats.

How? American oak is smoked in a patented process with hickory, mesquite and pecan smoke from Sadler’s Smokehouse in Texas — where much of Arby’s meats are smoked. The oak is then placed in the bourbon, which is then WoodCraft finished by placing the smoked wood inside where it is heated and cooled to replicate the variation of temperature through the seasons.

Arby’s suggests pairing the 45%-ABV bourbon with its signature Smokehouse Sandwiches. But like Arby’s Curly Fry and Crinkle Fry vodkas, the Smoked Bourbon only available online (at and in limited markets, for $60 plus tax, and expected to sell out quickly.

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