Ideal alcohol amount for me

I have never had alcohol for a long part of my life. Having turned 20 and solo in the city, I decided to start. I drank less than 100 ml of neat Monopolowa (vodka, imported, 80 proof) daily and I wouldn’t say I was drunk but I could feel the dopamine rush making me happy and slightly losing control (the right kind that I was still in charge of my body) for the next 2-3 hours (which was what I needed). I finished the 1 liter bottle in about 2.5 weeks. I switched to Grainger’s vodka (80 proof) also neat at less than or equals to 100 ml.

Ever since Grainger’s, I feel I need more alcohol to reach the same state. I imagine this a consequence of my body getting used to alcohol and needing more to feel the same.

Is there a way to convince my body to need the same level of alcohol to achieve that state? Is this because Grainger’s is domestically produced (I read it has corn in it) and the foreigners have some fancier recipe? Would staying away from alcohol help? If yes, for how long?

Additionally, this time I have decided to go with something with 190 proof because I think that will achieve my state. Is that a bad idea? Is this just an endless spiral where I need more alcohol every new day?

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