Ways to prevent nausea while drinking?

I love drinking, or is it getting drunk?? However, a lot of times when I drink I usually always have to throw up by the end of the night. If I don’t throw up at the end of the night I will the following morning. When I end up throwing up the following morning it usually gets pretty bad, maybe I’m being dramatic but I can’t take it. I feel like I’m dying, from the pain and nausea. In the past what I’ve done is take ibuprofen the next morning but I always end up throwing it up and leaves me worse with the taste of poison. What can I do to avoid feeling nauseous throughout the night, or to prevent a hangover???

It is important to note that I usually don’t eat/drink before because my logic is that if I don’t eat/drink I will get drunk faster. I always get filled up easily with liquids which is another reason I prevent eating/drinking beforehand.

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