Bols Vodka Reaches the U.S.

Bols Vodka has finally landed stateside.

A product from the spirit-maker Lucas Bols, which was established in Amsterdam in 1575, Bols Vodka is made with 100% grain.

The product was recently added to Delta Sky Club as its signature house vodka.

Penetration into the global arena is ongoing, with more than one million cases sold annually around the world, the company says. Among the biggest markets for Bols Vodka are Poland, Argentina, Sweden, Canada and the Netherlands.

“This is an extraordinarily exciting and well-deserved moment for Bols Vodka,” says Gilles Bensabeur, senior brand manager at Lucas Bols. “We’re thrilled the American market will get greater exposure to the outstanding taste and quality of this smooth-drinking vodka, and the alliance with Delta Sky Club will greatly further this awareness.”

Traditionally known as a cocktail spirit, Bols Vodka first launched in 1862.

The suggested retail price is $13.99 per 1-L bottle.

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