How do I become an experienced drinker when I don’t have drinking buddies?

Ok, so here’s the situation.

I’ve only drank 4 times in my life:

My 21st birthday

Friends came over and got me blackout drunk

Was a bad idea in hindsight

I can no longer be near red wine or tequila

An engagement party

Awesome experience, realized I love dancing while drunk

Discovered that vodka is my style

A bar, the night before a wedding

First time I ever went to a bar

Good experience, had a screwdriver and enjoyed the vibe

A wedding Incredible experience, feel in love with Moscato

Experiences #3 and #4 were pretty recent, and I’m looking to capitalize on that momentum (and hopefully meet some drinking buddies in the process).

However, it seems like everyone around me (23-25) has eons more drinking experience than I do. This makes sense since I was a big teetotaler for the longest time, but it’s giving me anxiety about fitting into the scene.

For example, I got ragged on for ordering lame white girl drinks (Moscato, Screwdrivers, etc) over that wedding. I also have never had a beer in my life, which isn’t helping my alcohol worldliness.

How do I get better at this!? I would love to start going out for drinks with people, but I feel like I’ll just make a fool of myself if I try right now. As a result, I usually make some excuse and decline (I know, I know…lame).

Any advice!?

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