Reusable (non-metal) flasks? More durable material than (#1) plastic?

Hi all – I like to have fun and drink a bit with certain very active things, like snowboarding. I’ve learned the hard way that it really hurts to fall just wrong on a metal flask, and have since been reusing plastic flasks. However I’m just learning/understanding that these are #1 plastic, and meant to be used only once and not refilled.

Sure, alcohol itself is poison and more dangerous than the leeching plastic….but at least I’m willingly choosing to drink alcohol and having some fun?

Are there materials (more durable plastics?), other than hard metal or #1 plastic, that are good for storing drinks like whiskey and can be reused? I also don’t like that you can’t see through metal flasks to check for rust, etc and they are hard/impossible to clean?

Thank you!!

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