I got a weird question (drunk post)

Backstory before my question, Back when I was in the army, I went to Korea on rotation, and a girl I was dating for a while before I left for Korea cheated on me with multiple guys while I was there, and sent me into a spiral of depression, which resulted in me binging jack daniels for a few months, and my music choice went from country to dark trap. I quit drinking whiskey for about 2 years since then.

Now im trying to re-condition myself to drink whiskey again, I miss the taste of double oaked woodford reserve, and drank about 3 decent sized cups of whiskey and coke to ease my stomachs back into it.

Now my question is, why do I wanna listen to dark trap when im whiskey drunk, instead of whiskey meyers when beer drunk? Does it have to do with the taste bringing up memories? Or is it just how it rolls?

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