Now I know why people mean when they say alcohol can REALLY mess you up

I know it obviously can be very addictive and I know it’s very unhealthy. But right now I’m talking about how it has temporarily affected me mentally. I’ve been hungover all day long. I’ve been hungover many times before but this time is different. Maybe I’m just getting a little older and my brain is getting slightly weaker to alcohol but I don’t know. What I do know is that I’ve been having weird thoughts all day long. It’s like my entire thought process has changed. I know it’s just from the hangover and it’s normal to feel funny the next day but this is the first time I’ve felt this particular way from a hangover. I’ve always felt fuzzy and slow but today I noticed some really weird fucking things happening in the ole noggin. I’ve felt different all day and in a way I don’t think I’ve ever felt in my life. It’s hard to explain especially being hungover right now but I’ll do my best. I was much more sensitive mentally. My thoughts were very intense. They were hard to process emotionally. I was not only more anxious but I was thinking about things in a way I never have. I was extremely articulate and not in a good way. I was overthinking and over analyzing everything. Like I was taking my thoughts too seriously. I would obsess over small things and I was trying to figure out things that I knew I would never figure out. To be more specific, I was thinking about life and myself a lot today. And I was thinking about social biology and deep topics like that. Just overall taboo shit. It was a very weird and uncomfortable sensation. The good thing that came from this unusual hangover was that I took a deep look at myself. And I learned about one of the many negative ways alcohol can affect you. It can really fuck with your head and your thoughts. It temporarily alters every aspect of the way you function and think. If you take too much, it can permanently change your brain which is extremely dangerous. This drug is absolutely NOT something to play around with. Drink responsibly kids lol

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