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hello. im an 18 year old from argentina (clarifying it since most of you are americans) and ive never been drunk. im a regular weed user and love getting high, so now i want to know what getting drunk feels like and how it differs from getting high. the thing is, ive never had alcohol. ive taken maybe 2 (? mini sips of wine and 1 sip of vodka but thats it. because of this i dont know how to get drunk properly, meaning i dont wanna drink and not feel the effects but also i dont wanna full on pass out. just, moderately drunk. i was planning on doing this on a night alone in my house, just dancing alone in my room, and was planning on using a bottle of vodka (not the entire thing lmao) and maybe mix the alcohol into the smoothie to make it more enjoyable, but how much should i use? thx a lot <3

p.s: more information that might be important: im overweight and dont have a gallbladder anymore.

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