What’s served with which Beverage in your country?

Hello people,

I’m very interested in a lot of differences between cultures but also in things that cultures have in common. Like drinking alcohol!

In each country (and sometimes area) there is a specific culture to drinking. It’s not only about how people drink but also about what they drink and what is served to their drinks.

In Poland people drink with their friends and just share stories and talk. Serving a variety of very flavorful foods. Dried meat and pickled onions are probably some of the more favourable finger foods. Sometimes bread with lard. Germany has the white sausages in the south. Bread with lard in the east, herring and other pickled fishes in the north and sauerkraut in the west. I know that the Russians and the mongols also love to eat bacon to their variant of vodka.

So please tell me about your country. How do people drink there? What beverage do they consume and what food is served especially for drinking?

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