Crabapple infused vodka and cyanide risk

Hey all, I recently discovered Umeshu and absolutely loved it. I even looked into how to make it myself, but I don’t have access to the right kind of plums for it so I kinda forgot about it. Then a few weeks ago I remembered we have a crabapple tree with really sour fruit, so I thought those might work for making something similar.

Now to my question, I know apple seeds have cyanide compounds, but the crabapples were so small, it would have taken a small eternity to clean the seeds out of them, and I just put them in whole (only washed them and removed stems). I figured since the plums are put in whole as well, and those pits also gave cyanide compounds, it should be fine with the crabapple. Is there a risk of the resulting liquor becoming poisoned by cyanide?

As for the method: equal weight sugar and fruit, and then topped off with vodka (1kg sugar + 1kg crabapples + 2kg vodka). Mix in a large cleaned and sterilised jar, let it sit in cool and dark for a year (or minimum 6 months)

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