This probably doesn’t belong here but I feel shit and now when I think about it all the good things in my life happened because of alcohol

So basically I got my gf while drunk when I confessed my feelings for her and woke up the next day with a gf

Met some of my best friends while drinking in hiding as I’m not legally allowed to drink yet in my country

I’ve done school assignments while drunk and gotten the best grades I’ve ever gotten on those assignments

When I’ve had alcohol and felt like dying I’ve always had a few drinks and instantly felt good again and kept going

Never felt like I’m addicted to alcohol and even if I drink a lot in a period I never get addicted or anything

Idk but I think alcohol is the best thing that I’ve had in my life

Without alcohol I wouldn’t exist probably and I would be worse off considering my family and stuff like that :/ but yeah that’s all I wanted to say

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