Review: Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon Batch C922 (September 2022)

Ready for the third Larceny Barrel Proof for 2022? C922 has arrived, and we’re ready to dive in.

The wheated bourbon’s nose is agreeable but initially indistinct, as if it’s being experienced through a coffee filter. A splash of water really helps bring it to life, where notes of peanut brittle, some coffee bean, and cocoa powder make for an experience that feels appropriate for the dessert table. The palate is hot but not scorching even at its full 63.3% abv. More peanut, toast points, and a quick dive into sultry, toasted baking spices awaits. Fruit? Not much of that here. There’s a touch of bruleed banana and perhaps a squeeze of orange oil, but otherwise this hits like a box of Cracker Jack in liquid, boozy form.

126.6 proof.


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