alcohol is starting to irritate my stomach

I am definitely an alcholic, I’ve acknowledge this the beginning of this year when I was diagnosed.. I have not stopped drinking but I have reduced a bit. However recently when I do drink around 4 drinks or more, my stomach really hurts, I get migraines and I don’t even feel the buzz anymore nor do I blackout. Prior to a a few months alcohol did not make my stomach hurt or give me headaches. I understand that my tolerance has made it hard for me to get buzzed or blackout but why has alcohol started to irritate my body?? Before I would be able to drink 10+ drinks and yes I would get sick but it was never this painful. Instead when I would start to feel nauseous I’d immediately puke and feel better and continue drinking.. but now just having 4 shots of liquor my stomach hurts like it burns and I don’t feel like throwing up, I’m not nauseous, but it hurts so much that I will force myself to throw up and that makes me feel a little better… I know I really need to stop binging all together but ya know I’m doing my best without inpatient help.

I’m just wondering why this is happening? Did the reduction of my alcohol consumption somehow change how I metabolize it?? I was trying to google it but I really don’t know how to word it.. I don’t understand but I’m the bright side it’s a great reason for me to reduce my drinking more!

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