I had alcohol poisoning and didn’t go to the hospital, am I okay?

In my first couple weeks of college I was going to a club, we pregamed at one of the peoples rooms. I was the only guy in a group of girls so I didn’t have anything to talk about and was sitting in the counter drinking. I don’t know my limit, most of my few encounters with alcohol have ended in drunkenness and subsequently sad venting leading to much discourse in my life. This time we were drinking titos, I already don’t weigh a lot, didn’t drink a lot of water and ate no food that day. Approximately 5 shots were taken with nothing to help it down. We got banned for the club and I was pretty woozy and spaced quite often, by the time we got back I was a bit out but still in control, but by the time we got to the club I was gone. They all went to the bathroom and I was all alone in a club for the first time while being completely out of my mind. I ended up going to the men’s room and sitting on a toilet for I don’t know how long until security took me and kicked me out (I had to scoop my wallet and phone out of the toilet). As soon as I was out I threw up in a bush, walking back to my dorm I was flooded with messages from my main link to the group which I ignored. When I got back I threw up more laid around and went to sleep, I thought it was food poisoning mixed with being drunk as the food I had ate that day made me wanna hurl. I didn’t even consider it was alcohol poisoning until my roomates mom yelled at me over the phone weeks later as I pretended to sleep (however she was a creep, thief and nutcase), I should have been ticked off by the color of the throw up and all the judgeful comments when covering up my absence from the club. I didn’t know anything about alcohol poisoning at the time and still and very confused, the days after even the thought or mention of alcohol made me smell it and want to hurl. Even now, with the 3 drinks total I’ve had this semester have made me so sick in my stomach. From all I’ve read I should have been to the hospital and am lucky to be alive, I haven’t noticed much affects besides the stomach/smelling, I’ve read about brain damage but I havent noticed lapses, and just overall health but that has been changing as I went from star athlete shape to being slightly above fit. I can’t find any useful info online and was wondering if I could find it here. Will these effects last forever, particularly my stomachs reaction to alcohol? Are there other things I should look out for? How do I get better? Am I really that lucky to even be alive?

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