Review: 5 Drnxmyth Ready-to-Drink Cocktails, 2022 Releases

We’re back with more from Drnxmyth, one of my favorite ready-to-drink brands on the market. As a reminder, these are kept cold and come packaged in unique two-chamber containers, booze on top, juice on the bottom. Twist the two together and you’ve got a cocktail ready for a glass of ice.

Abv for each hovers around 16%. Thoughts on this passel of beverages follow.

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Drnxmyth Rum Punch – I was about to rip this apart — the drink I poured was tough and surprisingly bitter, a rough mix of rum and blackstrap bitters that never reminded me of Caribbean idylls, aside from the hints of coconut and pineapple in the mix. Then I realized the problem: The bottom component of the cocktail had solidified and failed to mix with the top portion, presumably due to the coconut milk included. By the time I realized the issue, it was too late to salvage it. I’d reformulate this one — or at least urge care when mixing with it, allowing it to warm up before cracking it open. No rating

Drnxmyth Mango Passionfruit Daiquiri – One doesn’t often get this level of flavor from a premixed cocktail. Both the mango and passionfruit are on point, with a slug of lime juice and a pinch of saline to brighten up the finish. Plenty of booze in this, the rum popping with a touch of hogo even. Makes you see how good the Rum Punch could be. A-

Drnxmyth Strawberry Mojito – A little vanilla helps to temper the blow of mint on this cocktail, though it is less sweet than you might expect. Some saline notes — much like in the daiquiri — give this a bit of a margarita feel over what you expect from a mojito, but the strawberry element is fun and beach-worthy. Solid. A-

Drnxmyth Blackberry Bramble – One of Drnxmyth’s simpler recipes — just three ingredients — is one of its most successful, a classic gin-plus-fruit combination that lets sweet blackberry elements shine. This is a no-nonsense slurp-it-back offering that’s sweeter than most of the company’s offerings, though it never comes close to becoming cloying. Lovely touch of raspberry-infused chocolate on the finish. A-

Drnxmyth Peach Inferno – “Inferno” may be an overstatement, but this very sweet, peach-heavy concoction has plenty of fruit-forward character, with just a hint of jalapeno to spice things up a bit. Nice edge of citrus to offer some acidity, but the peaches do the heavy lifting. B+

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